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Rajanaka Yoga Travel Schedule 2016




March 3-6 90 Monkeys Yoga with Amy Ippoliti - Boulder, CO 90 Monkeys Yoga
March 11-13 with Noah Maze Yoga - Los Angeles, CA Yoga Maze
April 1-3 Castle Hill Fitness - Austin, TX Castle Hill Fitness
April 8-10 Grassroots Yoga - Albuquerque, NM Contact Erin Hansborough
April 15-17 Willow Street Yoga - Silver Spring, MD Willow Street Yoga
April 29-31 Shakti Yoga Shop - Des Moines, IA Shakti Yoga Shop
May 20-22 Yogaglo - Santa Monica, CA Yogaglo
May 29 Open Sky Yoga - Rochester, NY Open Sky Yoga
June 10-22 Pilgrimage to South India Contact Vishali Varga
July 7-11 Rajanaka Summer Camp 1 - Bristol, NY Contact Vishali Varga OR Douglas Brooks
August 11-15 Rajanaka Summer Camp 2 - Bristol, NY Contact Vishali Varga OR Douglas Brooks

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