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Rajanaka Yoga Travel Schedule 2014




February 14-15 Virayoga - New York, NY Virayoga
February 21-22 Kula Yoga - Toronto, ON Colin Matthews
March 12-16 with Jordan Bloom - Jupiter, FL Jordan Bloom
March 28-30 Southtown Yoga - St. Louis, MO Southtown Yoga
April 11-13 Noah Maze Yoga - Los Angeles, CA noahmazeyoga.com
April 18-20 The Yoga Institute - Houston, TX Raye Lynn Rath
April 25-27 Dig Yoga - Lambertville, NJ Dig Yoga
May 2-4 Sage Yoga - Armonk, NY Sage Yoga
May 25 Open Sky Yoga - Rochester, NY Francois Raoult
June 6-8 MindBody Festival Istanbul - Istanbul, Turkey MindBody Festival
June 13-16 Copenhagen, Denmark with Jordan Bloom Jordan Bloom
June 19-22 Vienna, Austria with Jordan Bloom Jordan Bloom
July 3-7 Rajanaka Summer Camp - Bristol, NY rajanaka.com
July 17-20 Rajanaka West - Howard, CO Jamie Allison
August 14-18 Rajanaka Summer Camp - Bristol, NY rajanaka.com
September 27-28 Willow Street Yoga - Silver Springs, MD Willow Street Yoga
October 3-5 Yoga Sanctuary - Northampton, MA Yoga Sanctuary
October 10-12 Noah Maze Yoga - Los Angeles, CA noahmazeyoga.com
October 17-19 South Mountain Yoga - South Orange, NJ South Mountain Yoga
October 24th Alison Alstrom Yoga - Portland, OR Alison Alstrom Yoga
November 7-9 Twisted Trunk Yoga - New York, NY Twisted Trunk Yoga
November 14-16 From the Heart Yoga - Grand Rapids, MI From the Heart Yoga
December 12-14 Dig Yoga Winterfest - Lambertville, NJ Dig Yoga

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